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A Good Place For Relaxation


Calca is a small town located in the famous Valle Sagrado de Los Incas (Sacred Valley of the Incas).

It is the capital of the Calca province and attracts tourists who arrive to visit the major attractions of the area.

It is about 50 km (31 mi) from Cuzco (Cusco) at a height of 2.926 m above sea level.

Calca has a mild climate, it is considered an all-year-round destination, unlike Machu Picchu ("Old Peak").


Calca used to be a more important place during Inca times, but since has become rather a small town, though a provincial capital.




About the Past of Calca


Calca used to be a more important place during Inca times, but since has become rather a small town, though a provincial capital.

Specialists say that the Calca area was highly populated during Inca times.




Attractions in and Around Calca


Attractions include thermal baths, Inca ruins and wonderful landscapes that are all around.

You will notice ancient pre-Colombian walls (of Incan origin).


The Ruins of Huchuy Cuzco (Yuchuy Qosqo) or "Little Cuzco"


At 5 km (3.1 mi) from Calca there is an Inca archaeological site called Huchuy Cuzco or Yuchuy Qosqo. The meaning is "Little Cuzco"...

It is still not understood why this name was given to it, but it isn't a very important site and most travelers don't even know about it.

Huchuy Cuzco is at a height of 3.550 m, about 600 m higher than the town, so you'll have to climb quite a lot to get up there. The view from there is beautiful, but don't expect impressive Inca ruins.

The name of Huchuy Qosqo was given in the 20th century. Previously it was known as Kakya Qawani, in Quechuan writing.

There are several buildings and an irrigation channel that has 800 m in length.

Quite a nice site, especially seen from a higher mountain downwards. Unfortunately many people don't know about it.

For enthusiasts wanting to see more than just the big attractions, Huchuy Qosqo is a place to see!




Written in Quechuan, this is the place where you will find cold sparkling mineral water coming from the ground.

There aren't many place on earth where naturally sparkling mineral water comes out from the ground. If you like to see such a thing, perhaps give it a taste, then check out Minasmoqo!




Sulphurous hot water baths are located here. Ask for exact directions from the locals to find your way to Machacancha.

The sulphurous thermal baths are well-known for their curative effects. Various illnesses are treated with thermal baths.


The Mountains Around


The mountains of Pitusiray and Sahuasiray (Sawasiray) are in the area. They are snow-capped high mountains. Photographers will love to take pictures here!

Calca is a good place for resting, relaxation.

Its population is friendly with foreigners and there are several hotels there as well.




Getting There


It is located between Písac and Yucay, so perhaps when you are on a tour visiting the important archaeological site of Písac and then in the direction of Yucay, then you should stop over.



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